Eco-Friendly Living

Home Energy Conservation

Benefit From a Home Energy Assessment and Upgrade subsidized by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. The value of this audit ranges from $450 to over $1000, depending on the “tightness” of your home. Your cost is a $75 co-pay. Click here and write “energy audit” in the space for the message. We will reply with more information.

Help minimize air pollution and global warming by conserving electricity and fossil fuels for home heating, lighting, and appliances.

Download the Home Energy Briefs by the Rocky Mountain Institute here.

Why change your lighting? Download this PDF to find out.

More resources related to home energy may be viewed at


Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Jonah Center Tips on Eco-Friendly yard care. Download the PDF.

Project Green Lawn –You can have a lush, green lawn without using chemicals that can harm people (especially children), pets, wildlife, and the environment. Download this PDF and sign a pledge to have a "chem-free" lawn.

Backyard Water Resources Guide, a publication of the Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District. Download the PDF file.

Visit UConn's Home and Garden Education Website at

Visit the eco-friendly yard of Eleanore Milardo.


Eco-friendly Shopping and Life Style Choices

There is more to an item of food or an article of clothing than how it looks and how much it costs. What pollution was produced in manufacturing that article of clothing? How much fuel was spent transporting that little basket of strawberries in mid-winter? What other creatures lives were damaged or sacrificed?

Watch “The Story of Stuff” — an entertaining video about the true cost of stuff we buy.

Shop locally for eco-friendly products by using this “Green Buying Guide.” Download pdf here.

What is your "carbon footprint"?  Use the World Resources Institute's tool to calculate your contribution to global warming.

Visit the Solving Global Warming page from the website of the National Resources Defense Council.

More links to resources will be added to our website soon.


Highway Fuel Conservation

Improve your car's fuel efficiency. Download this PDF to learn more.

Find a more fuel efficient car at


Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

To see where and when you can dispose of paints, solvents, and other materials, visit the Metropolitan District Commission collection schedule: